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4-Corners Reprocessing 

Seismic data processing technology has advanced in many ways in recent decades, meaning that reprocessing of legacy seismic data is in most cases likely to improve data quality compared to the original stacks. The time and cost of reprocessing seismic data is substantially less than that of acquiring new data, so data reprocessing can be a powerful tool to achieve valuable new information for your subsurface model for little capital outlay.  

Most Australian State Governments have comprehensive repositories of open-file seismic data, much of which has been consolidated and transcribed to accessible SEGY shot record datasets.


4 Corners.jpg
Total Seismic's 4-Corners initiative involved reprocessing such legacy seismic data from four randomly selected sedimentary basins in different regions of Australia. We present some of the comparison results below. In all basins - to varying extents - we were able to demonstrate improvements in the resolution of the target geology, including a range of meaningful new information such as new stratigraphic features, better fault resolution and new fault blocks, better reflector continuity and amplitude variation and even some potential new DHIs which are coincident with structural closures.

We hope you enjoy seeing some of the results from our ‘Four Corners’ Initiative!

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