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PMGL uses a randomised passive array of shallow buried, high fidelity three component (3C) geophones to detect, locate and geomechanically characterise geohazard seismic events. It targets the geology years ahead of mining, aiming to provide timely information to help your mine engineers understand mine geohazards and mitigate associated safety, production and commercial risks. PMGL fills an important strategic data gap between the subsurface model and physical measurements of geotechnical movements (e.g. radar).

PMGL arrays are relevant for any open pit mine, underground mine or other subsurface applications.


Theoretical study results for a conceptual underground mine.

We have used our expert knowledge of modern lightweight seismic recording equipment and mine operations to establish a passive seismic monitoring solution which is low cost, operationally practical and highly scalable.


PMGL stives to overcome deficiencies of other passive seismic techniques such as impracticality of large numbers of surface nodes, the surface-deployed nodes themselves which are subject to environmental noise and single-component DAS cables. PMGL is individually tuned to a specific mine, enabling optimal signal/noise and ray-path sampling with a very small number of three-component sensors. The number of sensors can be scaled up or down depending on individual requirements.

Our vision for PMGL is to provide low cost, high value whole of mine, life of mine passive seismic monitoring.

​The PMGL workflow involves a strategic collaboration between Total Seismic and Schlumberger Australia. Total Seismic - as principle - deploys and acquires the field data and Schlumberger Australia provides leading software, array design and data processing/interpretation. This collaboration was established to provide the highest value data for mine operators and provide a platform to responsibly scale up PMGL for whole of asset, life of asset monitoring for a large number of mines and clients.

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Please contact us today to discuss PMGL further or for an obligation free quote with a custom PMGL array design for your subsurface objective.

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