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Vacant Positions

Total Seismic currently has the following vacant positions. To apply, please follow the contact button for the role you are applying for and follow the prompts. Please note that some contact links may take you to an external site for application and other may direct you to email us directly. For email links please state the role you are applying for in the subject field and include attachments of your cover letter, CV and any other information you wish to include.

Total Seismic is actively building its consultant base for an expected increase in work into 2025.


We want people who share our values and passion for excellent technical and project delivery standards, are respectful, enthusiastic, proactive and fun to work with and have excellent communication and teamwork skills.


We will provide a respectful and supportive work environment where good work is rewarded and mistakes are great opportunities to learn and improve.   


While we welcome international applications, many – but not all - of our projects are in Australia and New Zealand. If you choose to apply for a role, please specify which countries you are currently permitted to work in and what your work permit status is for Australia and New Zealand.


We are currently looking for the following specialists:


Project Management

  1. Project Manager – Onshore Geophysical Operations

  2. Project Manager – Offshore Geophysical Operations



  1. Seismic Data Processing Geophysicist

  2. Field Quality Control Geophysicist – Onshore Seismic

  3. Field Quality Control Geophysicist – Ocean Bottom and Transition Zone Seismic

  4. Field Quality Control Geophysicist – Offshore Streamer Seismic

  5. Seismic Data Interpretation Geophysicist (including Quantitative Interpretation and Geological Inversion)

  6. Passive Seismic / Microseismic Geophysicist

  7. Reservoir Modelling Geoscientist

  8. Non-seismic Geophysicist – Onshore and Airborne

  9. Geotechnical Specialist – Onshore

  10. Geotechnical Specialist – Offshore


Spatial Positioning

  1. GIS Database Manager

  2. Spatial Positioning Supervisor – Onshore

  3. Navigation Supervisor - Offshore


Health & Safety

  1. Health & Safety Systems/Document Specialist

  2. Health & Safety Supervisor – Onshore

  3. Health & Safety Supervisor – Offshore

  4. Health & Safety Supervisor – Airborne Operations

  5. Vessel Auditor - Offshore



  1. Passive Acoustic Monitoring Specialist

  2. Marine Fauna Observer



To Apply please email us directly using the following link

Call for Consultants
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