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Company Values

Our Company Values underpin the successful and cohesive work environment we have built around our people, in addition to establishing 'the way we work’ here at Total Seismic.
Our Company Values are:

We are honest, have strong moral principles, hold ourselves accountable to do what we say we will do and demonstrate ownership of tasks that our work provides us.


We respect the Laws of the places we work, the Policies of our clients, we pay due regard to the feelings, wishes or rights of others and value diversity in the workplace including race, religion, gender, political persuasion and sexual orientation.


We value the combined action of a group to achieve superior performance and work to make teams we are part of effective. The welfare and performance of the Total Seismic team takes priority. The team never disrespects each other and never tolerates another team member being disrespected.


We prioritise sustainable performance with all of our actions and decisions, with a strong focus on Health & Safety, Environment, Stakeholder relations and Client relations.


Optimising Value for Total Seismic and our clients is always our strategic-commercial objective. We make sure that we achieve the required quality work or data as productively and cost-effectively as possible.


Our Controlled Project Delivery mindset sets us apart. We help our clients to systematically deliver projects in a structured, controlled and productive way, with proactive risk mitigation and a continual focus on achieving the end objectives of the project. We constantly look out for the risks and opportunities ahead of us.


We work systematically from project to project to identify scope for improvement and permanently change the way that we work to maximise performance. We encourage alternative thinking, constantly look for new technologies and techniques which will provide new value for clients and Total Seismic.

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