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Vibration & Sound Monitoring

Total Seismic provides a range of Vibration and Sound Monitoring field services, data interpretation and technical assessments using our calibrated Texcel GTM Blast monitoring system. The technology enables our geophysicists to accurately monitor Peak Particle Velocity (PPV) ground vibration and sound magnitude and frequency for a wide range of sectors including demolition projects, construction of tunnels, railways, highways, buildings, exploration activities, site infrastructure integrity assessments and mine blasting. 


Applications for Total Seismic’s vibration and sound measurement technology include but are not limited to:

  • Compliance assessments

  • Safe distance assessments

  • Vibration and Noise Studies

  • Blast monitoring

  • Drill monitoring

  • Vibroseis monitoring

  • Passive monitoring

  • Environmental applications

  • Other equipment and sensitive receptor monitoring

  • And more!

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