Minerals Services

Total Seismic provides an extensive range of geophysical services to the Minerals industry and has expertise in surface and airborne geophysical surveys and data. We work hard to help you achieve the best value geophysical data in a controlled and productive manner. Our track record of delivering high performance geophysical projects from a mine operator’s perspective and harnessing the value of rapidly changing geophysical technology means that we are the preferred provider for an increasing mining client network including global majors and small exploration companies.

No two clients or two projects are the same. Total Seismic is flexible to modify its services to suit. If required, we can provide ‘hands on’ integrated geoscience workflows and project delivery solutions using our software, management support, procedures and templates. Alternatively, we can provide ‘hands off’ support where we just provide the skilled specialists that you require.  


Total Seismic survey design and feasibility assessment services will set your project up for success. Using our leading Titan package of geophysical software, we carefully analyse existing data and establish parameters to obtain the required quality of data with confidence. Our data acquisition plans harness all of our knowledge to acquire the survey data as productively and cost-effectively as possible. Our feasibility assessments provide reliable cost, schedule and strategic risk mitigation information to be used for effective Business Cases, schedules and budgets.


We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-performance geophysical projects in a controlled and productive manner. Our Project Managers are carefully selected for their hard work, strong leadership skills and passion for high standards of project delivery. We arm them with custom procedures and tools which have been perfected with real-world geophysical operations experience and consideration for project delivery theory. We have strong contract development, tender and geophysical contractor management skills to ensure high performance results and minimal impact on people and the environment.


We provide an extensive set of field and topical services relating to geophysical operations including:

  • Environmental, Cultural, Safety and Logistics Scouting

  • Regulatory Approvals and Compliance Management

  • Landowner and other Stakeholder Engagements

  • Contractor Management and Field Supervision

  • Health, Safety and Environmental Supervision Services

  • Independent Field Geophysicists armed with our Titan package of geophysical softwares  

  • An extensive network of Topical Specialists  


Total Seismic provides high quality, low cost land and marine 2D seismic data processing for large and small exploration companies. We target complex or strategic processing scopes which will maximise value for our clients. Our expert geophysicists are based in Australia and New Zealand and are equipped with professional data processing software and hardware. You will find our processing costs to be highly competitive due to the way we have structured Total Seismic with low overhead costs.  We also provide independent 3D seismic data processing contract, tender and technical supervision services.


Total Seismic provides high quality seismic data interpretation including structural mapping, resource mapping and quantitative interpretation. We develop custom data interpretation solutions for all technical scopes to maximise value for clients.


Our PMGL technology was developed specifically for the mining sector to locate passive seismic events which indicate geohazards behind the mine face.  See our Research & Development section for more information.


We are able to create effective, custom Geophysical Operations Management Systems and Project Delivery Procedures to help your company to dependably deliver high performance geophysical surveys. We also provide coaching and mentoring of personnel to develop their abilities in the effective manage geophysical operations projects.