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MUTS is a Total Seismic technology* developed to support the seismic industry by improving seismic data acquisition productivity, safety and data quality. The product is a seismic node accessory with models customised for each brand of onshore seismic node. MUTS enables surface planting of nodes and mutes wind noise to an equal or greater extent than burying nodes**.

There are many benefits to surface planting of seismic nodes including the elimination of the manual digging of holes which is standard on most seismic surveys around the world. Other benefits include significant reduction in time and effort to deploy and retrieve nodes with improved productivity and project cost, nodes coupled flush to the undisturbed ground and a reduction in ground disturbance and remediation work.

Total Seismic have rigorously tested MUTS to achieve our goal of enabling surface planting of seismic nodes with comparable wind noise attenuation to burying the units.

MUTS is a simple, low cost product which provides a suite of improvements to the performance of your onshore seismic project.

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MUTS is ready to be deployed anywhere in the world. Please contact us today to find out more or for an obligation free quote!


* Global patent pending

** Based on tests using SmartSolo nodes

MUTS Results.JPG

Wind noise averaged from tests with a population of SmartSolo geophone nodes.

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