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 Research & Development

The development of new geophysical, operational and project delivery technologies and practices is an important part of Total Seismic’s strategy and culture. We are involved in a number of initiatives to provide new solutions for specific industry challenges and opportunities. We also find that our work across different industry sectors helps us to identify new applications of existing technology. We are always keen to participate in new R&D projects and welcome interest and collaboration to develop our own innovations.
Pre-emptive Mine Geohazard Location (PMGL)

PMGL uses a passive array of surface node and/or downhole geophones to detect, locate and geomechanically characterise geohazard seismic events. PMGL targets the geology behind the mine face years ahead of mining and aims to provide timely information to help mine engineers understand and mitigate the risk of mine face collapse and associated safety, production and commercial consequences. PMGL fills an important data gap between standard subsurface geological modelling (e.g. seismic and well logs) and measured mine face movements (e.g. radar monitoring). PMGL’s use of new lightweight nodal technology enables cost-effective, practical, permanent, whole-of-mine passive seismic monitoring for the first time. PMGL has comprehensive IP protection including permanent global Agreements with major mining operators and leading technical specialists which recognise Total Seismic’s ownership of the technology. We have completed several successful proof-of-concept trials of PMGL - involving tens of thousands of lightweight geophone nodes - at Australian open-cut mines. PMGL is relevant for any open-cut mine in the world: its goal is to help reduce fatalities and mine production stoppages caused by mine face instability.   


FOX is an integrated technology which we believe will  improve field operations efficiency by 20%, with commensurate benefits to HSE and project cost.

Coal Seam Gas Recovery Optimisation (CGRO)

As a Queensland-based company, we have a special interest in helping our coal seam gas (CSG) clients maximise gas recovery, minimise development footprint and maximise the value of the CSG sector for the people of Queensland. With this goal in mind, we are developing CGRO (coal seam gas recovery optimisation). The concept involves value-optimised onshore seismic survey design over CSG fields, time-lapse data acquisition and specialised data processing and interpretation. By measuring changes in the seismic response of a producing CSG reservoir over time, the objective of CGRO is to help optimise infill drilling, reduce the surface footprint and maximise gas recovery. Importantly, CGRO requires a repeatable pre-production baseline seismic dataset.

Other Initiatives and Collaborations

Total Seismic is involved in a number of other initiatives which include collaborations with technical specialists in different industry sectors and the manufacture of new seismic-related products.

As well as inviting interest and collaboration in Total Seismic’s innovations, we are always willing to participate in R&D projects which can have a positive impact on our scopes of work or help people and the environment. If you are involved in academic or commercial R&D initiatives involving geophysical operations or geophysics data, please don’t hesitate to contact us to see if we can help.

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