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Seismic Stinger TM

The SEISMIC STINGER is Total Seismic’s new seismic signal amplifier technology!

It works as a seismic node accessory which amplifies upcoming seismic signals from the subsurface. In simple terms, it does this by capturing seismic waves from a larger receiver area and transferring this energy to the sensor.

Our 18 months of product development and field tests have been very promising, culminating in our global patent application for the technology. The product is currently undergoing further design refinement and Total Seismic is working to have STINGER prototypes ready for commercial deployment later this year.

The SEISMIC STINGER technology is relevant for any land or ocean bottom seismic node or cabled seismic sensor and has the potential to provide a step-change in seismic data quality.

For more information, please contact us today.

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