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Provision of Skilled People

While Total Seismic provides integrated geoscience and project delivery solutions, we recognise that sometimes you just want a trustworthy specialist to competently fill a role for a period. We have a comprehensive pool of high quality technical and operations specialists and can provide you with sets of CVs for you to choose the people who are the best fit for your company and project. We can structure our people’s rates to suit the placement, with options for full time, part time, long term, short term or on-call arrangements.      
  • Seismic Geophysicist

    • Survey Design, Field Quality Control, Data Processing, Data Interpretation and Quantitative Interpretation expertise

    • Land, Transition Zone and Marine expertise

  • Non-Seismic Geophysicist

  • Petrophysicist

  • Geologist – Oil & Gas

  • Geologist – Coal

  • Geologist - Minerals

  • Oil & Gas Reservoir Modelling Expert

  • Coal Geological Modelling Expert

  • Minerals Geological Modelling Expert

  • Geotechnical Scientist - Land and Marine expertise

  • GIS Specialist

  • Operations Supervisor - Land, Transition Zone, Marine and Airborne expertise

  • Health & Safety Supervisor - Land, Transition Zone, Marine and Airborne expertise

  • Navigation Supervisor - Land, Transition Zone and Marine expertise

  • Trainer-Assessor

  • Marine Fauna Observers

  • Ecologist

  • Fauna Spotter Catcher

  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring Expert

  • Stakeholder Liaisons Officer

  • Maritime Auditor

  • Surveyor

  • Field Hand

  • Project Manager

    • Seismic and Non-Seismic expertise

    • Land, Transition Zone, Marine and Airborne expertise

  • Project Coordinator (reporting to client Project Manager)

  • Environmental Approvals Specialist

  • Health and Safety Specialist

  • Contract and Tender Expert

  • Cost Controller

  • Scheduler

  • Document Writer

  • Data Entry Personnel

  • Project Delivery System/Document Expert

  • Health & Safety System/Document Expert

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